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Is there a setup fee?

A setup fee only applies to “Mobile Apps” not the “Mobile Websites” the reason behind this is that the Mobile App itself needs to be published to the iStore and Android Market Places.

What does the set-up fee include?

The setup fee includes basic Design, development and publishing of your app for iPhone, iPad & Android. Logo’s, artwork, and graphic elements will be used from your existing website for the design aspect of your mobile app. Advanced Logo Design and Custom graphics can be offered, but at an additional cost.

Why do you charge a monthly fee?

A mobile app requires hosting where the app is located on the internet for people to download. App hosting is very different to standard website hosting and needs to be online 24/7. Alongside the App hosting, the monthly fee also covers software updates and improvements to the App Content Management System. New features are also rolled out on an on-going basis which are included within this fee.

How long is the contract?

We try to make things simple, and by doing this we offer a basic Month-to-month. We hate lengthy contracts as much as you do and feel that they are unnecessary. We are confident you will be our client for many years as our product and service stay ahead of the competition.

How do we know that the app is going to work?

The content management platform has been created by a Silicon Valley development team and has been used to create thousands of apps. Not only are they one of the best development teams in the world, they work on the platform full-time to ensure that apps run smoothly while improving the system by adding more features every week. The team have already published over 100,000 mobile apps, some of which you may already be using today without realising.

How long does it take to see my mobile app within the Apple App Store and Google Play?

For a mobile website, you would generally be able to see this within a few days once design and development has been completed. For mobile apps, Apple have to review and approve the app, which can take up to 2-3 weeks. Apple goes through this process for all mobile apps and developers. Google Play takes a shorter amount of time and is usually approved within 10 days.

Do I need to pay the fees to sign up as an Apple and Google developer?

The good news is that we already pay for this, The Apple and Google Developer fee’s are included within your monthly fee.

How many push notifications can I send?

One of the best features about our content management system is that you can send UNLIMITED free push notifications

Do I need an Apple Developer or Google Play Developer Account?

The great news is we cover this cost for you!

Am I limited to the amount of downloads of my App?

Once again some great news for you! We have no limits on your app downloads! We want your app to be a success so offer a fully unlimited service!

What happens if I need some help?

We are always here to help you, whether you prefer talking things over the telephone or via Skype or email, we can provide you the help and support you need.

Does it cost extra to have an iPad app made?

The Apple iPad app is included with the Mobile App package. There are no extra costs but additional graphics and images may be required.