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features16Want more customers to talk about you on Facebook and Twitter?

If your an online business, a brand, or artist having social media these days should be at the top of your priority list.

One great way of encouraging more traffic through your social media channels is by offering customers the ability to “check in” by a mobile app user checking in via your mobile app, will automatically post a link on their social media profile. Whether that be Facebook or Twitter. The main advantage of this is that all their friends or follows will see that they have checked in!

Some businesses make a ‘check-in’ mandatory to be able to redeem an offer, by setting a check in like this is a great way of your customers promoting your app for you.

Think of it in this way….

10 customers check in via your mobile app, and each of those customers have 500 friends on Facebook for example. Your mobile app has the potential reach of being seen by almost 5,000 people!